Defending the Wild Punch

Defending the Wild PunchProtecting yourself involves two primary components: being aware and knowing how to react when a situation arises. By remaining aware of your surroundings and instinctively knowing how to respond to a situation, you are more likely to extinguish the situation without bringing any harm to yourself. To ensure you are ready for a situation when it occurs, it is in your best interest to learn more about the wild punch, or punch defense, technique.

Designed as a response to a sudden attack, the wild punch technique involves grabbing the assailant’s arm as he attacks you with a wild punch or haymaker. First, you keep your left hand centered in an upright position at your body. As the assailant brings his fist toward you, use this arm to block his arm while also grabbing his fist as it comes to your hand if necessary. As you are blocking the fist, bring your right hand up as if you are raising it to answer a question in class. This way, if the assailant makes it past your left arm, you are prepared to grab the arm with your right hand.

As the assailant’s arm passes your right arm, link elbows and pinch his arm in place against your body. With your left hand, push on his right shoulder and force him down to the ground. Next, clasp the outside of his shoulder with your right hand to lock him in place. From this position, you can grab the back of the assailant’s head and smash it into the ground. You are also in the position to sit on the arm and break it if necessary.

The wild punch technique is a great way to defend yourself if someone comes at you with a punch from the front. You may need to utilize this technique when dealing with someone who is drunk out in public or anyone who has become angered by your actions in some way. With this simple technique, you can bring a potentially hostile situation to a quick and decisive end.

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